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Skywalker OG Wax


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THC= 79.47%
CBD= 0.99%

Our Skywalker OG THC Wax is 90% pure, making it one of the purest forms of tetrahydrocannabinol available. It is a wax product and contains almost exclusively THC , as well as 10% terpenes and traces of other cannabinoids. The wax is produced by CO2 extraction; as a result. There’s no intoxicating effect after ingestion. With the addition of natural terpenes, which are also extracted from the cannabis plant, each variety has its own unique taste. Clear, bright color with an excellent aroma and strong, yet smooth OG flavor, this concentrate will relax your body and your mind!

Additional information

Some of the effects reported from Skywalker OG Wax are:

* Relaxed * Happy * Euphoric * Sleepy * Hungry

Patients report Skywalker OG Wax helps them manage:

* Anxiety * Arthritis * Asthma * Autism * Cramps * Migraine * Multiple sclerosis * Epilepsy * Fibromyalgia * Gastrointestinal disorder * Glaucoma * Inflammation * Insomnia * Loss of appetite


15 grams, 30 grams, 60 grams


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